Full-Spectrum Legal Cannabis Products

At Holistic Hemp Scotland we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading ethical legal cannabinoid supplier. We believe in the potential of Cannabis, and strive to provide the cleanest, safest and most effective oils, pastes, capsules and edibles on the market.

From seed to selection, our cannabis is grown by Europe’s leading biodynamic organic farmers. Hand-harvested and slowly-cured, so only the finest grade of raw Cannabis makes its way into our products.

Cannabis, CBD, CBDa Paste & Oil

CBD Pastes, Oils & Capsules

Full-Spectrum legal Cannabis pastes, CBD oils, & capsules crafted with care and expertise.


From seed to selection, our CBD-rich cannabis is grown by some of Europe’s leading organic farmers. No chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilisers are used. Once matured the cannabis is selectively harvested, slow-cured, hand-trimmed, and then lab tested. Ensuring only the highest quality raw ingredients are used in our products.


High pressure, low temperature, & CO2 cleanly extracts the full-spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential amino acids. This pure extract is carefully combined with unique artisanal ingredients sourced from across the EU to create our proprietary products.

All of our products are independently Lab Tested to ensure unbeatable purity and legality.


We don’t believe in hidden charges, so our deliveries to Scotland, England, Wales, & Northern Ireland are 100% free by default. All orders are sealed & packaged with care ensuring a discrete & secure delivery. The packaging will not indicate it contains a legal cannabis product.

CBDa CBD Honey

Raw CBDa Honey

The bees travel vast ranges of wildflowers and meadows, resulting in a deep and earthy blend. Ethically harvested, the raw honey is combined with organic cannabis trichomes, before being measured into jars.

No heating. No filtering. 100% Holistic Honey!

Each jar contains approximately:
44% Forest Flower Honey,
44% Buckwheat Honey,
and 12% Cannabis Trichomes.