Where Do We Get Our Hemp From?

We have searched far and wide for places to source the best possible products of the utmost quality, which is why we do not use one farm or supplier.

Our CBD Oils:

Our CBD oils come from seeds certified by the French cooperative CCPSC. This means that we can guarantee THC levels below 0.2% according to laws and regulations, and also offer our holistic customers superior quality phytocannabinoids.

Because we are incredibly concerned with our impacts on the environment, we do not use any pesticide, herbicide, growth hormone, chemical fertiliser, or additive. This keeps everything as organic and harmless as possible. Not only are we extremely cautious about our impact on the environment, but we are equally concerned with making sure each and every component is suitable for human consumption.

Our CBD Paste:

All our CBD paste comes from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We actually source our products from a supplier that provides for some of the best producers in Poland. Our CBD pastes are prepared only from organically grown hemp, and it is further mixed with bio-certified high quality Greek olive oil.

The entire growing process is controlled from start to finish, as well as the manufacturing process. The products have a guaranteed purity due to the co2 supercritical extraction method being expertly performed.

Our CBD Alpine Oils:

Our alpine oils are grown and produced in Switzerland with the full power of the hemp plant to help maintain or regain your natural balance. With over 25 years of experience in organic farming, the process has been expertised. Every single leaf is harvested by hand and no foreign substances are used whatsoever.

our products come from pure organic Suisse cultivation following strict bio-suisse guidelines, and from the largest farmer with this certification. In this way, we not only help you, but we also protect and maintain the environment around us. The products have proven to be of superiority due to the clean and pure environment that they grow in, and we would not jeopardise that quality.

Our 10%, 15% CBD Oils, CBD Paste And Hemp Tea:

We believe that using natural extracts and supplements can assist in keeping your everyday life in balance as well as maintaining and improving your quality of life.

The hemp is grown in an organic environment and made from Eu Grown certified hemp with organic practices under the supervision of extremely experienced growers and manufacturers. No preservatives, artificial colours or any non-natural additives are used whatsoever as we firmly believe in organic and holistic approaches in everything we do, and this also ensures a completely vegan product selection.

To ensure that there is a guaranteed amount of cannabinoids in every drop, each product is third-party lab tested for the cannabinoid profile, which maintains our consistency and quality of products.

Our CBD Cooling Gel:

The hemp used for our product comes from a cannabis farm in Lithuania who produce what we believe to be the finest cannabis extracts available on the European market today. The cannabis is solvent extracted into virgin hemp seed oil, and the result is a rich, thick, dark green, full-spectrum cannabis extract with a pleasant, herbal aroma.

Our products are only made with natural, high-quality ingredients and everything we do is lab tested and accredited.

Our CBD Balm:

The oil for the products is derived from Organically Grown Hemp, like everything else we have here. Every product is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. Our Balm is certified GMO, Pesticide, and Solvent free with zero traces of THC. The extraction process used draws CBD from the plant material and filters out unnatural substances, maximising pure CBD concentration.

About the author : Alex Sikorsky