Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Story: What We Are About?

Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Story: The What?

Today we would like to tell you about what we are and what our business is all about. We have started this series of newsletters to help our customers understand what they can expect from Holistic Hemp Scotland as the business they chose to buy from. Every day when we are doing something we are asking ourselves ‘what is it that makes us what we are?’.

We told you already how we started and why and today we want to tell you what makes us what we are – our values. We never wanted to do something just to earn a ‘quick buck’ because it is a trending product that we are selling. We want to leave a mark on the planet, and it better be a good one. So, it is about our core values which can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Health – we are in this business to help people to be healthier. This is what drives us.
  2. Holistic approach – we always take holistic approach to health issues and believe in holistic living.
  3. Quality – we put highest value on quality of the products and quality of information we offer
  4. Freedom – we help people to be free from illnesses, from stress and from dependency on intoxicating drugs.
  5. Care – we care about what we do, and we care about our customers.

The main cause for our existence is the belief in amazing properties of cannabis plant which if taken holistically, can solve a lot of world’s problems such as:

– help with soil regeneration and improve the environment,
– save the trees by replacing them in paper production,
– provide healthy construction materials for toxins-free homes and highly effective insulation,
– offer fibres for plastics replacement, textile and bio-degradable packaging, super-food and food supplements,
– provide source of balanced and healthiest oil for food and health supplementation.

Although our current focus is on offering the best quality CBD products at the most competitive prices, we keep in mind all other amazing applications of hemp and we will continue looking for the new products and new directions which could be useful for our customers.

A lot of companies recently have abandoned full-spectrum CBD products under pressure from the authorities as it has become very risky to offer full-spectrum CBD products considering the introduction of Novel Foods regulations. So, we have become one of the few who is still standing because we believe that it is the best for people. We believe that the most natural products derived from the plant as nature created it, offers the most effective benefits to human bodies.

What you will find when choosing us is:

  • The amazing quality at affordable price
  • Live people you can talk to when having some questions
  • Holistic approach to solving problem

This is what we are and we hope this resonates with you as our customer and friend.

Why not check out our complete line of CBD products and if you have any questions, Contact Us with our knowledgeable team who are here to help. We aim to give the customers not just quality products but also all the convenience to shop on the go with our CBD Shop.

About the author : Alex Sikorsky