Holistic Hemp Scotland’s Story: The Big Why?

Do you ever think about the big Why? You know, things like ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘Why are we doing what we are doing?’ Well, our journey at Holistic Hemp Scotland kind of started with the answer. It was clear from the beginning – we are here because of PAIN. We have pain on many levels. The first one is the physical level. It is that horrible pain that kept me awake at night, sending electric shocks down my leg every time I tried to turn in my bed that made search for the answer. On general health level it is the lack of good sources of fibre and balanced plant oil in our diet. On environmental level, it is the pain of knowing where the world is going and what we are doing to nature when we consume insatiably, depleting the soil, chopping the forests, polluting the air.

There was plenty of valid reasons to start this business when the knowledge of how wonderful hemp plant is, was revealed to us. We realised that hemp can solve many if not most of these problems and we wanted to shout about it and tell everyone.

We started in September 2016 as a holistic company promoting ’Everything Hemp’, i.e. hemp food, hemp clothes, hemp construction materials, and of course, hemp extracts and oils for health and vitality. Thanks to our Scottish friends who had the knowledge and experience with extracting quality CBD oil, this was the first element to focus and grow.

The values have become clear from the start too. We stand for Quality of the product. We care about Our Customers more than our pockets, as we are in this business because of them. We want people to find their Health and gain better quality of life. Our Approach to health is always Holistic. It is not just about CBD, it is about everything that works and helps us be healthy. And lastly, we value Freedom, as we believe that we and everyone should not only be free from pain and physical suffering, but also free to decide what to use and what to put in our bodies to be healthy and not dictated by someone else.

We are a true family business and even our four little children are passionate about hemp and CBD and love to promote it to everyone as they learn about it, and enjoy the products helping us along the way. Our youngest son Ivan is a real CBD Chocolate ambassador, although he is only four. We often sit around the table, drinking delicious Hemp Tea and dreaming about living in harmony with nature, building our own hemp house, free from toxins, all natural and environmentally friendly, growing our own hemp on our sustainable farm.

From our dreams is how everything begins. Our dreams drive us and we hope you will be part of it.

About the author : Alex Sikorsky