What To Look Out For When Switching CBD Brands

It might be challenging for customers to choose the ideal CBD brand for them because there are hundreds of different brands available just in the UK. Selecting a brand that offers the highest quality products at the most affordable costs may require hopping between several suppliers. Users should be aware of exactly what to search for in order to locate the finest fit for their needs when this occurs. With this information, consumers may also spot any warning signs a brand may have and steer clear of doing business with unreliable suppliers.

Possible Reasons For Switching CBD Brands

A customer of CBD may choose to transfer providers for a number of reasons, such as issues with cost, service, products, and more.


The price of their preferred product is one of the primary causes for people to switch CBD brands. Certain brands manipulate prices to maximise their profit margins by taking advantage of consumers. Most of the time, comparable and even better products may be found for a far smaller portion of these inflated costs.

Many customer discover that they are overpaying needlessly after taking the time to investigate CBD companies, so they choose vendors who charge a reasonable price for their products. One of our key goals at Simply CBD is to make CBD affordable for everyone, which we accomplish by offering premium goods at affordable costs.


Popular CBD products are available in better quality from some CBD brands than from others. This is due to the fact that certain brands do not place a high enough priority on quality, which results in goods with inferior ingredients, packaging, and unsatisfactory results. It can take some time for users to decide if the product is at fault or just needs more time to take effect because CBD doesn’t always show results right away.

But after eight weeks of steady use and gradually increasing the dosage, if there are no results at all, the product is probably of poor quality and might not contain all that it says. Lab results can establish the precise cannabinoid composition of a CBD product, which is where they are useful. Quality is our top priority at Holistic Hemp Scotland, and we offer up to date certificates of analysis, for many of our products, for complete transparency.


While CBD brands are in the business of providing products, offering high quality customer service is also important to the customer experience. Some users feel more confident in the products they’re using when a brand’s customer service team is able to answer questions and provide useful guidance regarding CBD.

Businesses without this capacity risk losing customers to companies that have devoted customer support team. With a very small team at Holistic Hemp Scotland, we approachable and willing to address any questions or concerns our customers may have at any stage of their CBD journey.


Throughout the day, various people utilise varying dosages of CBD. This may vary depending on the dosage, desired outcomes, and daily schedule of the user, among other things. Because of this, certain consumers might benefit from products with high quantities because they will probably use up smaller containers rapidly. Comparably, people who use little to no CBD per day would prefer smaller quantities so they don’t run the danger of the product going bad before they complete it.

In either case, a customer may decide to transfer brands in an effort to locate product that better fit their daily routine and specific demands. Holistic Hemp Scotland makes sure that every user may get what they’re looking for by providing a wide range of potencies. For instance, many our CBD oils are available in different strengths.


The variety of CBD products available is expanding along with the CBD industry. Owing to this remarkable expansion, a lot of users are experimenting with different CBD applications. This may entail adding additional products to an existing regimen or making a complete product transition. For instance, a user of CBD oil might also choose to expand their product line to include CBD pastes, CBD capsules, or CBD cosmetics. For some, it could be best to go from one product to another, such going from traditional CBD oils to water soluble CBD.

If their present provider doesn’t provide novel or intriguing possibilities, users who want to add new goods to their routine or replace old ones are inclined to transfer brands. Oils, infused foods, and cosmetics are among the core products offered by most brands. But a customer who uses an oil and wants to add something different, like CBD balms, is probably going to purchase both items from the same company. In order to acquire all of their preferred products from one location, this may entail their leaving their present CBD brand. In order to satisfy the demands and expectations of CBD customer in this increasing industry, Holistic Hemp Scotland offers a wide choice of products that are constantly growing.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying From A New CBD Brand

Before choosing a new supplier, there are a few more crucial considerations to make in addition to the previously mentioned elements, which are equally significant to take into account when switching CBD brands.

Preferred CBD Profile

There will be three different CBD profiles available for selection across all CBD brands: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate CBD. Products labelled as CBD isolate are made exclusively of CBD derived from hemp plants. Products containing CBD and several other hemp-derived cannabinoids and chemicals are referred to as broad spectrum CBD products because they exclude THC. All of the cannabinoids and other chemicals included in hemp, including trace levels of THC up to the 0.2% legal limit in the UK, are included in full spectrum CBD products. While some manufacturers supply all three of these profiles, others, like Holistic Hemp Scotland, only offer one or two.

Selecting the appropriate CBD profile is crucial when a consumer moves to a new brand in quest of a product that is comparable to the one they are currently using. This is due to the fact that they can all have various outcomes. Because a CBD isolate has a distinct cannabinoid composition, those who are used to full spectrum CBD oil, for instance, are unlikely to experience the same benefits from it. Nevertheless, switching to a different CBD profile might be a preferable choice for a user who wants to try something new in the hopes of getting better results. It’s crucial that consumers consider the CBD profile while selecting the best brand and product for them.

Lab Reports

One of the most crucial things to take into account when selecting a reputable CBD brand and locating high quality products is lab reports. They offer a thorough analysis of a product’s cannabis content based on experiments conducted by a independent laboratory, like Biosyyd UAB. This is especially helpful for those looking to replace a product they’re using because it makes it simple to find the closest match by comparing testing findings. In addition, customers can learn more about the specific cannabinoid ratios that work and don’t work for them.

Some CBD brands only provide lab reports after an order has been placed, or they don’t supply them at all. Red flags should go up right away since publicly available lab results are an important indicator of dependability and transparency. Unwillingness to test products or even provide this information should raise questions about what the products actually contain and how reliable the company selling them may be.

Product Strength

Given that each person has a different optimal dosage for CBD, finding the proper product strength is essential for successful CBD use. If consumers take too little CBD, they may find it difficult to get the desired effects, while taking too much CBD might have negative consequences and lessen outcomes.

Each person has a different concept of what is “too much” or “too little,” and it all depends on how much CBD is optimal for them. Whether a user wants a new CBD product that is stronger, weaker, or around the same strength as the one they’re leaving behind, strength is always a factor to consider. Thus, the secret to selecting the ideal CBD brand and product is to keep the intended product strength in mind.


Customers can get a good idea of what kind of experience to expect by reading authentic customer reviews of various companies and products. Customers can learn more about which CBD brands and products are reliable by reading reviews, which can either confirm or refute a company’s statements regarding its products.

Customer reviews provide an unbiased assessment of a CBD brand’s features, covering anything from product impacts to customer service from the business to normal delivery schedules. It’s crucial to read both positive and negative evaluations in order to get the fullest possible picture of the customer experience. By comparing reviews from several CBD companies, customers an find solutions that stand out and eliminate those that receive a lot of negative feedback.


The following are important things to keep in mind when switching CBD brands:

  • Users switch CBD brands for a number of reasons, all of which should be taken into account when choosing a new supplier: price, quality, service, quantity, and available options.
  • Customers should be aware of the CBD profile they want before settling on a new product or brand.
  • Examining certificate of analysis is essential to comprehending the cannabis composition of a product and verifying the legitimacy of the company selling it.
  • A brand should raise serious concerns if it does not provide lab reports.
  • When choosing a product, it is important to consider its strength; this can be verified by looking through the product listing information and related lab reports.
  • Reviews of companies and products offer consumers an idea of what to expect from a new CBD brand and its offerings.

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