Main Types Of CBD Products

If you hear some terms like broad spectrum of full spectrum CBD oil and you are getting confused as to what it means and whether it is for you or not, read on, this article is to help you understand and make the right choice. We also outlined positive and negative points about each type of CBD product.

There are primarily four types of CBD products based on cannabinoid spectrum:


CBD is extracted out of hemp and isolated from all other terpenes and cannabinoids

In EU food products with isolate can be classified as ‘novel food’ and require licensing.


Low cost

Widely available

Good for people who have allergies and struggle with other cannabinoids and terpenes


Strong risk FDA in the US and FSA in the UK will limitย usage for pharma and topical

Less ย Entourage Effect

2. Distillate

Received by using heat and chemicals to remove THC, often presented as a Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

BUT it is not known if the use of heat and chemicals also generates Schedule I drugs and other unknown compounds


More chances of having Entourage Effect



Requires thorough analysis to avoid risk thatย product contains Schedule I narcotic or other unknown compounds

3. Broad Spectrum

Contains all original cannabinoids of cannabis plant except THC

Chromatography is used to remove THC


“Entourage Effect” mostly retained”

Presence of THC is close to 0.00%

Integrity of botanical oil is maintained


More difficult to extract and therefore has higher costs

4. Full Spectrum

The original essential oils extracted straight from the hemp plant

Contains all cannabinoids present in original cannabis plant including up THC (up to 0.2%)


Delivers Entourage Effect

Usually most natural and closest to original chemical profile of Cannabis

Sative L plant


Contains some THC

About the author : Alex Sikorsky