Cooking With CBD Oil

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in hemp plants. This substance is well known for its excellent natural properties. There are two types of cannabinoids found in the hemp plants, CBD and THC.

While THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol comes with the main psychoactive feature, giving the stronger sensation, CBD provides a soothing effect without making anyone” high.”

Why Add CBD Oil To Food And Drink?

You can absorb the benefits of CBD in various ways. Whether you use CBD oil with MCT/Olive oil or as a balm to apply on the skin, you get the ad-vantages.

However, the most popular way to intake CBD oil is to ingest it, hence you can follow the trend and add CBD oil in food and beverages to make it healthy and tasty! You can add CBD oil drops in your smoothie, coffee, salad dressing, sweet treats, cocktail and more.

How To Use CBD Oil In Cooking?

As we discussed, CBD oil goes well while infused with delicious meals. You can add a few drops to your drinks, delicious dishes and enjoy the benefits. Following are the ways you can include CBD oils in your cooking.

CBD Oil In Drinks:

Smoothies are best when it comes to enjoying CBD oils through drinks. A smoothie comes with a strong flavour that eliminates the taste of CBD oil and allows you to enjoy the flavours. Apart from smoothies, you can add a few drops of CBD oil to the hot cup of tea and coffee as well.

CBD Oil In Hot Dishes:

If you want to use CBD oil in your hot dishes, do not go for deep frying. In-stead, sprinkle a few drops on top after you finish cooking. Another excellent way to use CBD oil in hot dishes is baking. Make sure that you are not going above 170Β°C/338Β°F.

CBD Oil In Cold Dishes:

The best way to use CBD oil in cold dishes is to add it to the salads. Keep bread or lettuce at the end so that no oil remains on the plate.

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About the author : Alex Sikorsky