What Are The Best Ways To Take CBD

There are lots of ways to take CBD, from classic CBD tinctures, to food favourites like chocolate and honey, drinks and cosmetics. For the first time, people are learning about it and falling in love with its wide spectrum of natural advantages. Every day, new users are discovering the wonders of the body’s natural Endocannabinoid System by experimenting with cannabidiol for the first time.

With so many CBD products on the market, many people in our community are unsure which strategy is the most beneficial. The way CBD is absorbed varies depending on the distribution technique, as do the onset and duration times. However, the issue remains: should you consume CBD? Are you considering putting it under your tongue or pressing it into your skin.

The truth is that how you take CBD is mostly determined by YOU and what you hope to achieve. What advantages are you hoping to gain? Those looking for a way to relieve various symptoms might prefer a different delivery method than one that uses CBD to promote overall wellness.

As the amount of people who take CBD products increases, the variety of products increases too. This raises a lot of questions about doses, methods of intake and absorption of CBD. Some people may not know how to take CBD oil to ensure the best absorption, and likewise for CBD Cosmetics and CBD Infused Foods.

Perhaps you didn’t even know that there were a variety of ways of taking CBD oil and tinctures. We want to confront the daunting experience of being new to CBD or even just being overwhelmed by what methods seem best. While we will give a generalised set of suggestions, we encourage you to try what works best for you or email us with your questions.

We have put together some of the best ways to take CBD products so you can find one that works for you.

How To Take CBD Oil And Tinctures:

CBD oil is best taken under the tongue because that way, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream which provides the fastest and most effective results. However, as much as it is the most effective method, it is also about patience. It takes time for CBD to work.

Sometimes it can take CBD up to months until you feel the difference – and what a difference it is. We know it may be frustrating taking CBD and not feeling its benefits for some time, but be patient. Gradually introduce it to your system and then increase your dosage as time goes on and you truly can’t feel its benefits yet.

So, What Is The Dosage You Should take?

Now before you get anxious about what dosage of CBD will be good for you, it is likely that all you have to do is start low and work your way up.

For example, if you are interested in a 10-ml bottle of CBD oil, it means that it contains about 200 drops. And if the 10-mL bottle states that it has 1,000mg of CBD then each drop will contain 5mg of CBD and ideally you’d take 2-3 drops 2x daily to start. Again, this is not constant for everyone – but studies show that even extremely high doses of CBD are tolerable by humans.

Alternative CBD products are far simpler in terms of their intake. CBD capsules for example do not need to be vaporized or taken under the tongue. It is as simple as drinking the capsule (depending on the dosage, as stated previously), 1×3 times a day.

CBD Cosmetics are absorbed by the skin, which is ideal if you do not like the taste of CBD tinctures and oils or you can’t swallow pills easily.

About the author : Alex Sikorsky