Voted One Of The Best CBD Brands In 2022

Some of the top publications like Reader’s Digest and Evening Standard have voted Holistic Hemp Scotland as one the best CBD brands in 2022. They were very impressed with the product range and they all recommend that you check them out for yourselves.

What Makes Holistic Hemp Scotland One Of The Best CBD Brands In The UK?

In terms of keeping things natural, we do everything we can to make sure they keep our products as organic as possible. All our CBD oils are produced from Cannabis Sativa plants that have been farmed organically.

The farms we work with take care to hand pick hemp and dry the hemp plant naturally, and the company controls the entire process from seed to shelf. The best CBD is then created using state-of-the-art extraction methods.

We only take hemp from farms grown all over Europe, which are heavily monitored to make sure no pesticides or chemicals are being used. To guarantee this, we make sure that every batch will have a certificate of analysis available for complete transparency.

To add to that, we have a very robust brand and have a good reputation within the Scottish CBD community. We’re sure you’ve heard about us many times over the years, from word of mouth to seeing us listed in ‘Best CBD Brands In The UK’ articles like the Observer and Manchester Evening News.

Another reason why websites like Yours have voted Holistic Hemp Scotland as one of the best CBD brands in 2022 is because when we harvest hemp plants, we let them dry naturally, and then uses low pressure and low temperatures to extract the CBD (as opposed to our competitors who use high temperatures, destroying the cannabis oil’s molecular structure in the process). Hemp extract is a significant issue here!

They love the low temperature and low pressure hemp extraction methods that Holistic Hemp Scotland provides. Overall, the technique is part of what enhances the product flavonoids and terpenes for consumers.

What Makes Us One Of The Best CBD Brands In The UK

As stated in review done by CBD Bible UK, the hemp we use is grown on a small, family-run farm in the European Union utilising an organic and biodynamic growing method that forgoes the use of dangerous pesticides and synthetic fertilisers. We make every effort to preserve the plants’ natural state from the ground up.

The flowers are handled by hand and strung out individually to dry in the cool European air once the crop is ready to be harvested. The buds are CO2 extracted when fully dry under low heat and low pressure circumstances. This guarantees that the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in our CBD products are full spectrum. It’s crucial that products get off to a good start, as is the case with Holistic Hemp Scotland.

If you have a chance compare this CBD production process to that of other businesses, the hemp is typically purchased in bulk from an industrial facility where it has been mechanically harvested in large quantities and dried in kilns to achieve the most yieldβ€”and thus the greatest profit.

Instead of having each individual bud’s quality checked by hand, the sacred blossom is crushed by tractors and dried as quickly as possible. To make the dry product easier to transport and send it to be CO2 removed, it is further crushed into tiny pellets. Done at high pressure, which can eliminate all of the organic components that give hemp its potency.

Because of this, we have been mentioned in a number of prestigious ‘best CBD brand’ blogs like Daily CBD and CBD Bible UK, we have developed a reputation for being rather good locally.

About the author : Alex Sikorsky