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  1. Vivienne Farris

    Thanks so much for the 15% paste order, well it may have suppressed my immune system but my general health has improved a lot! No more chest pains and the coughing and wheeziness (which had gone on for weeks) has gone.

    Full Spectrum CBD Cannabis PasteFull Spectrum CBD Cannabis Paste

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  2. Gintare Chiverton

    Hello, just to let you know I am using one of your oils to help with the side effects of chemotherapy. It works wonders!

    You will be pleased to know that my white blood cells went from basically nothing to almost normal measures and helped me recover from a nasty infection. Thank you and I will be buying your products again in the future as my cancer journey has only just started

    15% CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil15% CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil

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  3. Deely Cumming (verified owner)

    I would like to say a big thank you for the help and advice with the CBD paste. My dear Fred – an eight year old Turkish Kangal male – was diagnosed with osteosarcoma 4 weeks ago, but it’s a growth of a bit longer than that.

    In the meantime, the homoeopathic vet recommend CBD oil, which I had anyway, so began with this, then found Holistic Hemp Scotland online. I would rather buy a product from a Scottish company, working with other small countries that has been sustainably and ethically resourced than a giant company with no ethics except to make £££’s.

    The positive pain relief for Fred from the paste is incredible. He likes the taste, and it is much easier to administer than the drops. Fred is living day by day, and for this, I am grateful. There is no cure for this cancer, but after a week of CBD – first the oil, then the paste – the pain is now managed.

    Thank you for such a quality product.

    Full Spectrum CBD Cannabis PasteFull Spectrum CBD Cannabis Paste

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  4. Réda Ghanem

    I appreciate your long and intelligible answer, it helped me understand what caused this sensation to happen and it relieved the worries I had. Also I want to let you know that the oil really helps me to relax and sleep each night. Thank you for your high quality CBD and the follow up!

    I will be recommending your CBD to friends definitely!

    10% CBD+CBDA Raw Tincture Oil10% CBD+CBDA Raw Tincture Oil

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  5. Faye Holland Hanbury (verified owner)

    Hi Alex,

    I got my honey again today, thank you so much! you guys never let me down with my CBD! It’s bloody brilliant. so cheers.

    Also, I love your honey, its green like hemp, and also it’s strong you can taste the terpenes in it, I love your honey so dam much. lol

    The honey is so good, I had to get again. l am on my 3rd time and I had the paste before. So thanks again.

    It really just works for me. I tell anyone who wants to listen lol.

    I just want to say you guys are the best service I have ever had with the CBD and I keep coming back.

    Thank you, Customer service is everything at the end of the day and you guys have nailed it.

    Thanks Again


    Original Full Spectrum Hemp HoneyOriginal Full Spectrum Hemp Honey

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  6. Ann Smalldridge (verified owner)

    Hello to you all again

    Late last year I ordered a 5% CBD oil for breast cancer. The consultant said it was an advanced aggressive hormone dependent cancer that could NOT be cured but they would try to give me a few extra months of life with tablets that may – or may not – lessen the growth rate of the cancer but it was NOT (and he emphasised it several times) a cure. That was his opening words and he delivered them with the compassion of a fishmonger selling a fillet of fish. Immediately on leaving the consultation I went straight to the organic butchers and invested in a whole raft of organic meat. I adopted a metabolic approach to the cancer to stop any sugars feeding the cancer (although I would say I don’t use sugar in any form) and had remote healing from a friend in Iceland.

    I told the consultant what I would be doping and he response was that if I wished to was my money that was up to me.

    When I went back for a check up the consultant could not find the lump. HE showed me the X-RAY to confirm it was there before and the tissue analysis of the lump. He had to say that he believed I was now cancer free. I said that as he he had already told me the tablets were not a cure did he think my approach could actually have been of benefit and not a waste of money. He just shrugged his shoulders and said that sometimes spontaneous healing does happen. He just couldn’t bring himself to believe that the approaches I had adopted actually worked.

    Whilst I was naturally ecstatic that I had been cleared of the cancer, I was mortified that his ‘cloth eared’ approach meant that there were possibly many other women, and men, out there who could benefit from trying an alternative approach remain blissfully (or not!) unaware there there ARE options outside those offered by the NHS that can, and do, work.

    Of course I owe a great debt of gratitude to you all from the bottom of my heart for the part you played in my recovery – this is one of those moments when the words ‘thank you’ are woefully inadequate.

    Needless to say I’m wanting to order some more CBD oil please. I am at greatly increased risk of the covid19 pandemic – I’m about to hit 70 next month and have heart failure, diabetes and severe lung problems all brought about by Hodgkins disease (cancer of the lymphatic immune system) in 1970 and 1973 when I was given six months to live so I need to ensure I’m doing everything in my power to keep myself isolated apart from the carers who come in.

    Because of my vulnerability I was hoping to order some 15% strength but see its out of stock so please can I have 2 bottles of 10% CBD and CBDa oil please. I’ve left an answerphone message but don’t know how I can order and pay for the bottles hence the email. Id appreciate your help please.

    I apologise for the length of this email but felt that it was important that I let you know how grateful I am to you for all your help in my recovery.

    I look forward to hearing from you when circumstances permit

    With warmest wishes

    Ann Smalldridge

    5% CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil5% CBD+CBDa Raw Tincture Oil

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