Hemp Construction

We offer a unique insulation material known as HHS Binder Mix, developed by a world-leading expert in hemp construction.

The mix contains only natural components and is free from cement and other toxic chemicals; saving the owner money from day one, while positively influencing residents’ health and well-being.

HHS Binder Mix
Attic Insulation
Roof Insulation
Wall Insulation
What’s in the mix?

HHS Binder Mix is a unique material made entirely from three natural components: hemp, hydrated lime-based binder and water.

Where can HHS Binder Mix be used?

This revolutionary insulation material can be used to insulate the entire building, including:

• New walls with wooden frame already installed
• Floor insulation
• Roof insulation
• Interstitial space insulation
• Insulation of existing walls
• Attic insulation
• Basement insulation

Key Advantages :

• Natural “free” humidity and temperature regulator inside the house
• Year round savings on heating and electricity bills
• High thermal resistance values
• Ventilation system is not needed in vapor permeable wall
• Creating alkaline environment, raising PH-level, improving air quality
• No use of toxic materials
• Protection from fungus and rodents
• Non-flammable material, no smoke
• Excluding use of vapor and hydro barriers

Technical Parameters :

Thermal Conductivity Value :
(λ = 0.06 W/(m.K)
Specific Heat Capacity :
(с= 1700 J/(kg·K)
Water Vapour Diffusion Resistance Factor :
µ = 5.50
Water Vapour Permeability :
∂ = 0.131 mg/ m · h · Pa
Density :
ρ = 260 kg/м3
Fire Test :
B-1, d-0 (no droplets)