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Alpine 500mg 5% 2.5mg £30.00 Buy Now
Alpine 1000mg 10% 5mg £40.00 Buy Now
Alpine 1500mg 15% 7.5mg £50.00 Buy Now
Raw 2000mg 20% 10mg £60.00 Buy Now

If you are using CBD to improve address some issues or just to support your health and vitality, you are on the right path. Majority of people start with tincture oil as it is the easiest to use and understand. We have variety of oils that differ in strength and taste.

    • The main difference between our oils – Raw, Dewaxed and Alpine is the taste.
    • Raw oils are suitable for people who don’t mind strong earthy taste with spicy edge, it also has full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and even chlorophyll.
    • De-waxed oil has much milder taste and more pleasant smell.
    • The Alpine series is formulated to be palatable by all with its mild taste and gentle ‘weedy’ smell.
    • Hemp-seed, olive of MCT are the carrier oils that are used to dilute the CBD extract to the right consistency.
    • Olive oil would add spiciness and bitterness to the taste, whereas hemp-seed oil would add much more earthy taste and MCT (coconut) oil has not taste and makes the mildest CBD oil.
    • MCT stands for mid chain triglycerides, which is the 4-6 molecule chain of fats that are the fastest absorbing and energy releasing.
    • The recommended use currently is not to exceed 70mg CBD per day and we recommending taking it twice daily by placing a few drops (see above for CBD content per drop) and allowing CBD to be absorbed through taste receptors directly into the bloodstream. Read on to learn about the benefits of Micro Dosing CBD Vs High Dosage.
    • Avoid swallowing straight away as stomach acid is damaging for CBD and you will not get good bio-availability.

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